To get through the hardest journey we need to take only on step at a time but we must keep stepping. 

Machu Picchu Mountain, Peru #kkperu

'the Elodie' scarf is one of many Krochet Kids intl. scarves that empower women to overcome poverty

Peru + US + Uganda = Our new intern work area. :)

{Photo taken by Social Media Intern, @natalylenox}

Meet the Ladies Monday

Meet: Auma Beatrice

After the death of her parents, Beatrice was left under the care of her eldest sister where life was hard, food was scarce, and fear was prevalent in her life due to the unknown whereabouts of the rebel army. Since joining KKUganda, she now was a reliable source of income and has dreams for the future. This is empowerment.

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Meet the Interns

Meet: Jourdan Miller
Inventory/ Customer Care Intern

Hometown: Emporia, Kansas

Favorite KKi product: 'the Davey' Its the perfect bag for beach days and exploring on the weekends 

Favorite part about being a Krochet Kids intl. intern: Being surrounded by like minded individuals that have a passion to do good in this world…who also give me new perspectives from their different backgrounds and cultures. 

Books or Movies: No. Books AND Movies.

Milkshakes or Smoothies: I drink a smoothie everyday for breakfast but ill never pass up the Neapolitan milkshake from In N Out.  

If you could have any superpower, what would it be: Simply teleportation; travel to places I dream of seeing, lunch dates with loved ones back home, and never having to pay for gas again!